About Us

Welcome to Newberry Village!

Why Was Newberry Village Established?

Newberry Village has been established with the primary idea for providing inspiration and motivation for people of all ages. Our name Newberry Village represents my husband and I, showcasing our company as a mutual one that we share as a couple. We both belong from different villages and the coming together created the name as Newberry Village. The mission is to spread inspiration and a source of uplifting motivation across the globe. Newberry Village is originally a family owned business and we ourselves want to spread the love of a family by treating our customers like our own family members.

Newberry Village has been established in 2019 to motivate people of all ages and races to come around the idea of mutual understanding and motivation.

Your Comfort Matters

We at Newberry Village strongly believe that people in this modern day and time are greatly influenced by what they wear every day. Our primary idea is to mainly inspire people to stay focused and motivated no matter how hard life may be. Through our products, we aim to enlighten people towards positivity and self-love.

Our distinct clothing line has been designed with a touch of modern-day fashion. Moreover, all of our apparel at Newberry Village is made with breathable fabric so you can make a statement with comfort. We aim for clothing that is comfortable and suits all social settings. We offer clothing that aims to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. After all, your comfort matters!

You Come First at Newberry Village

We at Newberry Village believe that customers come first and so does their satisfaction. Therefore, we have 24 hours customer support to clear away any inquiries of our customers and guide them through the products they are looking for. Our products include T-shirts for both men and women and are perfect to be paired with a pair of jeans. The t-shirts are printed with beautiful motivational figures and quotes. Not only this, but Newberry Village also has a wide range of phone covers and accessories like bracelets, all branded in the name of self-love and motivation.